Rejoice! That’s Easy, Right?


Recently I learned about the passing of the older brother of a dear friend of mine.  I immediately purchased a sympathy card and went to the house of my friend.  She opened the door and saw me standing there and the tears were streaming down her face.  Without saying a word, we embraced and I cried right along with her.  Having never been introduced to her older brother before, I could feel the pain of her loss and I was genuinely moved to tears.

In scripture, we are admonished to rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that do weep.*

While it may seem very easy to weep with them that do weep, why is it so difficult and hard for some to rejoice with those that rejoice?

Can you rejoice with those living their dreams while you’re struggling to make ends meet?

Can you rejoice with your coworker for getting promoted over you when you trained him/her?

Can you rejoice with your friend on the purchase of a new car that’s parked at their bigger house?

Can you rejoice when they were called to take the lead instead of you, even when you felt you were better qualified?

While rejoicing seems to be an easy skill to obtain, is it really?


*Scripture reference:  Romans 12:15

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