Our Mission

Our mission is to assist or satisfy sincere needs of those suffering from disastrous or otherwise tragic unavoidable events that could plague any of us at any given time, without prior notice. We strive to promote compassionate generosity, kindness and professionalism in our goodwill toward others.

Our primary goal is to awaken and renew mindsets towards serving others. We believe it is our reasonable and moral obligation to respond to those in need whenever it is within our absolute power to do so. As such, we devote serious efforts to provide direct financial support through a hardship and relief fund, assisting with fulfilling sincere needs of hurting individuals.

We are a body of diverse ethnicities that believe all men are created equal regardless of race or gender. We understand our responsibilities as public servants and want to do our part to ensure the most basic of needs are being met.

In addition to necessary financial support, we aim to dismantle antiquated beliefs and inspire with courage the incredible feeling of self transformation that is marked by having a renewed mind to assist and serve others.

How Much Does GOD Co$t?

A cautionary guide to the corruption of some churches...

~ by Kay Quinn