REAL Talk: Living with Bipolar

Bipolar disorder is very serious and can cause risky behavior, even suicidal tendencies. Join REAL Talk Radio Host Kay Quinn as she and Co-Host Raymond Kirk speak candidly with Bryan Dressler, author of the book entitled “Beyond Reason“. Dressler promises to discuss his own personal experiences and expose how to identify the genetic predisposition for […]

Starbucks and Yemaya (The Goddess of the Ocean)

Did you know? Yemaya is an Orisha – said to be a Goddess of the traditional Yoruba religion that was brought by the enslaved Africans of what is now Nigeria to the west.  She is the patron of women, in particular, pregnant women.  When slaves were transported across the ocean, it was said to be […]

Rejoice! That’s Easy, Right?

Recently I learned about the passing of the older brother of a dear friend of mine.  I immediately purchased a sympathy card and went to the house of my friend.  She opened the door and saw me standing there and the tears were streaming down her face.  Without saying a word, we embraced and I […]

The Power of Forgiveness

Do you find it hard to forgive those that have wronged you?  Why do we hold on to the gravity of hurt and pain when forgiving can be so freeing? After you’ve watched this video, tell us how difficult it would be for you to experience the Power of Forgiveness.  Does forgiving others come easy […]

Robes and Bibles

There was an article printed by PegNews wire a few years ago, basically discussing the traditions of churches and the ill intent of many of their leaders.  You can click Pegasus to view that article.  Since the time lapse of that written article, our society has continually been inundated with stories about homosexual rape, child […]

About the Founder

As the founder of Mutual Freedom, Kay Quinn is often referred to as having one of biggest hearts in America. Her spirit of giving has created an active effort promoting human welfare for all. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of North Texas in Dallas and is currently practicing freelance […]